Aug 29, 2008


In the spring my work hosted an underwear design contest. The winning designer was awarded with a dozen pairs of underwear with their design on it. We have a lot of left overs.

Aug 21, 2008

This is mine Fig

So the Fig has left for New York. Big and great things will be done by her AND I will visit, and gchat still exists and Skype and text messaging and the telephone. Several weeks before the departure we went to the beach and ran along it and sang lots of favorites like Bohemian Rhapsody, Hey Jude, Sweet Child o' Mine and The Longest Time.

Make sure you check out the fancy finger work here on the air sea weed guitar.

Jul 21, 2008

Important amazing things - Opposite day!

Shannen Doherty is back in a new 90210 spin-off. Hey, I didn't ask for this!


I found this picture of Blossom, who now has a phD in neuroscience.

That is all. Somebody take me on a trip please.

Jul 1, 2008

Plane not so plain

I was sitting on my couch reading A Happy Death by Camus (which I just can't get into) and a plane flew by the window. I have old rippled glass so the plane looked like a giant inch worm crawling across the sky.

Oh, and please look at the gayest button ever.

Jun 24, 2008

The Rooster Curtains Process

My kitchen needed curtains after the departure of the cowgirl curtains. Kit and Shane thought that the new ones should be red, but that they should have roosters on them and not cowgirls. I concurred. They had no luck finding rooster patterned material so the solution was to make our own using potato prints. What you are about to see actually happened.

Iron square pattern into curtain fabric:

Carve potato masterpieces with farm theme:

Print on some test strips so you don't ruin everything:

Take the leap:

Be done with it:

The are of course now hanging in the kitchen and are much cuter there than they ever were on the banister. yay.

Jun 17, 2008

\o/ House Party \o/

Meet the guests

Learn the moves

May 31, 2008

39 pieces of propaganda

I didn't check my mailbox on Friday, but when I went into it on Saturday, among other things, there were 39 pieces of mail regarding the June third vote. Here's what the fliers told me to do:

(10) Yes on A - Parcel tax for schools
(9) Yes on B - protects health care for retired city employees
(3) No on C - Makes "moral turpitude" a felony, forfeiture of retiree benefits for certain crimes
(7) Yes on D - End holdover appointments
(10) Yes on E - Supervisor OK for PUC board
(3) N0 on E - Don't give supervisors more power
(3) Yes on F - Affordable housing in Bayview
(12) No on F - "F will dash the hopes of the Bayview"
(14) Yes on G - "Bring hope back to the kids of the Bayview"
(3) No on G - Brings luxury condos to Bayview
(1) Yes on H - Campaign finance reform of certain committees
(6) No on H - Lets mayor take gifts
(8) No on 98 - Ends rent control, bogus eminent domain reform
(8) Yes on 99 - Saves rent control, real eminent domain reform
(5) Yes to Geraldo Sandoval (Judge)
(1) Yes to Thomas Mellon (Judge)
(5) Yes to Mark Leno (State Senator)
(5) Yes to Carole Midgen (State Senator) - one flier disguised as a gay wedding invitation
(6) Yes to Joe Nation (State Senator)
(1) No to Joe Nation (State Senator)
(1) Yes to David Chiu (SF supervisor)
(7) Yes to Tom Amiano (State Assembly)
(5) Yes to Fiona Ma (State Assembly)
(101) Democratic central committee endorsements

Based on mailings, my prediction is that the following will pass: A, B, D, E, G, an 99.

My obsessive side is now satisfied and I can recycle.

May 21, 2008

Forest City - inhabited

Alicia and I went up the Tahoe National Forest a few weeks ago. We left early and went straight to Forest City. When we got there I was all grumbly because people were there. There was a young guy that rode in on his motorcycle and there was a family playing ball in the road and there was a piano on a truck and people were hanging out in the Dance Hall. We walked right by them because I didn't want to share!

So, we saw the sights:This one has got to be an E Clampus Vitus joke. I hope.

And then, while I was waiting for Alicia to use the one hundred and forty year old outhouse, a kid with bright red curly hair on a bicycle rode by and said that we should check out the dance hall. So, we did and ended up meeting the guy who basically saved Forest City several times over. First the forest service wanted to burn it and he stopped them, and then some dot com mountain bikers wanted to make a resort and he stopped them. He now owns half the town. His son grew up there and was the guy on the motorcycle. The piano that was on the truck had been originally made for the dance hall and was being donated back on this very day!

The dancehall has a museum in it. The Forest City guy talked about inheriting people's houses when they died and they would be filled with super old one hundred year old downhill skis!

I donated 20 dollars to the organization dedicated to preserving Forest City. Then we left because one of the guys hanging out in the dancehall started trying to tell us that there was a "naked lady at the bottom of a pool" up the street. We didn't know what he meant, nor did we want to find out.

May 20, 2008

Things and more things

I have been a bad blogger. I haven't yet posted the video of Mr. Potato head being reunited with his ear. I haven't posted pictures from Alicia and my fabulous ghosttown/ icy river adventure, nor described the steak I grilled that was not good.

Other news:
My sister is having another baby, due in September. I will be a double uncle.
I'm not going to Alaska this summer (but will next year for certain).
I gave Mark the gift of everlasting life for his birthday and it finally died.
Leggy found my new favorite artist.
Mel interviewed me for her blog and it was great!

May 6, 2008

Super potato find

Two things:

First, I'm relying on Flickr to produce an abundance of Superhero wedding shots. Here are the first few of the super lovely wedded ones.

kj arrives on land, escorted by two strange fish

The run wildly and super-ly

Sean teaches super children how to fly

Second, for those of you who followed the story of the rescued Mr. Potato Head with no eyes and only one housemate's special friend was walking down Valencia and came across Mr. Potato Head's ear. He picked it up and brought it home to his house. Then, later that night he came over to my house. He had not previously known that I had found Mr. Potato Head. He took one look at Mr. Potato head, and knew it must have been his ear. The ear has not yet be reunited with the Mr., but the promise is there.

May 2, 2008

Stuck in Dulles Airport

I think I've been delayed at Dulles airport almost as many times as I have George Bush International in Houston. After a systematic review, George Bush International has a greater quantity of American flag shirts, both for sale and on bodies.

I took a red eye out last night. Red-eyes are always strange because, at least heading east, the sun only sets for a few being in Alaska, except I was on a plane.

The good news is that I'm on my way to kj and Sean's superhero themed wedding in Providence and I have an amazing costume. In preparation, I was supposed to have learned Mendelssohn's 'Wedding March' on Kazoo, but I haven't and the airport does not sell kazoos.
Pictures to come...

Airport update: They delayed us from 8am until 12:30pm, loaded us on the plane, let us sit there, then told us the plane was broken and we had to get off. Now they will give us an update at 2pm. They also gave us $50. Thanks United.

Apr 23, 2008

How to have a lucky day

1. Find a Mr. Potato Head on the street with feet stuck in his face and a disconnected butt. (this photo is a re-enactment)
2. Take stock of his body parts
3. Bathe him
4. Dry him
5. Enjoy him

Apr 16, 2008

This is mine boat

I had a gchat conversation with Leggy today:

me: If I want to go to the boat area, how is the best way to walk?
and where the EFF is it?
leggy tells andy
Allegra: hmmmmmm
hang on
me: otay
Allegra: i send you a map!

And then I got this:

Who can beat my highscore of 67,000?

It's best on the big screen.

UPDATE: I guess everyone hates the gold miner game.

Apr 14, 2008

Yuri's Night

On Saturday I went to Yuri's Night (50th anniversary party of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin) at NASA with Fig and a special friend of Fig.
First, we ate something called Pigs in Space, which were delicious. Later we got nauseous watching the air show. Then we controlled things with our minds...and then we watched a space fashion show. Here are the finalists: There were a lot of burning man people there. I cheered loudest for the kid.

Then, we went for a little ride.

Then we met an astronaut, Yvonne Darlene Cagle. We all got photos autographed for our mothers, accept not me, I got it for myself.

Apr 8, 2008


I just squeezed Birdy and she burped. I also found her favorite dinosaur toy behind the couch, but I haven't told her yet.

Update: This is the dino and it's actually her second favorite.

Apr 6, 2008

Desert bloom

We got off to a late start, but made it to "boyscout" camp by 2am. It was pitch black and something very large growled and scared us and then we laughed and it woke up and tossed and turned in its tent. Oops.

Leggy and I went to Leadfield on Saturday. To get there you have to drive into Nevada and then back into Death Valley on a one way dirt road that's 30 miles long. The wild flowers were out and the desert was very green. What?!

Leadfield was pretty cool (inhabited from 1926-7) except for a tour of 4x4 Jeep people that stormed in on our ghosttown holiday. So we told some party-pooping child that they stored bodies in this building.
The drive through Titus Canyon, what you hit after Leadfield, was crazy. The cliffs rise up on either side of the road and narrow in so that you are snaking through the canyon. You really can't tell from this.

Next we went did 30 more miles of dirt road to get to the racetrack, one of my favorite places on the planet. I happened to have some plastic twirlers that we launched in the wind. And this time we really did find some of the creepy creeping rocks.

Ubehebe Crater
Even the Joshuas were in bloom

Apr 3, 2008

Leaving tomorrow

Update: The valley floor is actually 40% higher than the reported temp in this widget. Also, I will Twitter my trip.