Apr 23, 2008

How to have a lucky day

1. Find a Mr. Potato Head on the street with feet stuck in his face and a disconnected butt. (this photo is a re-enactment)
2. Take stock of his body parts
3. Bathe him
4. Dry him
5. Enjoy him

Apr 16, 2008

This is mine boat

I had a gchat conversation with Leggy today:

me: If I want to go to the boat area, how is the best way to walk?
and where the EFF is it?
leggy tells andy
Allegra: hmmmmmm
hang on
me: otay
Allegra: i send you a map!

And then I got this:

Who can beat my highscore of 67,000?

It's best on the big screen.

UPDATE: I guess everyone hates the gold miner game.

Apr 14, 2008

Yuri's Night

On Saturday I went to Yuri's Night (50th anniversary party of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin) at NASA with Fig and a special friend of Fig.
First, we ate something called Pigs in Space, which were delicious. Later we got nauseous watching the air show. Then we controlled things with our minds...and then we watched a space fashion show. Here are the finalists: There were a lot of burning man people there. I cheered loudest for the kid.

Then, we went for a little ride.

Then we met an astronaut, Yvonne Darlene Cagle. We all got photos autographed for our mothers, accept not me, I got it for myself.

Apr 8, 2008


I just squeezed Birdy and she burped. I also found her favorite dinosaur toy behind the couch, but I haven't told her yet.

Update: This is the dino and it's actually her second favorite.

Apr 6, 2008

Desert bloom

We got off to a late start, but made it to "boyscout" camp by 2am. It was pitch black and something very large growled and scared us and then we laughed and it woke up and tossed and turned in its tent. Oops.

Leggy and I went to Leadfield on Saturday. To get there you have to drive into Nevada and then back into Death Valley on a one way dirt road that's 30 miles long. The wild flowers were out and the desert was very green. What?!

Leadfield was pretty cool (inhabited from 1926-7) except for a tour of 4x4 Jeep people that stormed in on our ghosttown holiday. So we told some party-pooping child that they stored bodies in this building.
The drive through Titus Canyon, what you hit after Leadfield, was crazy. The cliffs rise up on either side of the road and narrow in so that you are snaking through the canyon. You really can't tell from this.

Next we went did 30 more miles of dirt road to get to the racetrack, one of my favorite places on the planet. I happened to have some plastic twirlers that we launched in the wind. And this time we really did find some of the creepy creeping rocks.

Ubehebe Crater
Even the Joshuas were in bloom

Apr 3, 2008

Leaving tomorrow

Update: The valley floor is actually 40% higher than the reported temp in this widget. Also, I will Twitter my trip.