Mar 29, 2008

This was mine trip

I never posted about the towns I saw on my way back on the south side of the Mojave during my birthday trip.

My favorite stretch of route 66 goes from Kingman AZ to Needles. It's windy, narrow, full of mines on the side of the road and treacherous if the sun is going down. I ate in Oatman at a biker and cowgirl restaurant, then took the waitress's advice and camped south of town on the side of the road. I was awakened by a baby donkey rooting through my damp campfire. So cute.

The next morning, on my way down the mountain, I found a little 'town' that I can only identify as Vivian on one map. There were about 4 or 5 foundations and a few buildings sinking into the earth.

Vivian was also apparently for sale at one time...or still is. Anyone?

The trip home also brought me through Danby, an eerie abandoned train station (complete with abandoned train) obviously in habited in multiple stages.

Anboy was a honeymooning spot in the 50s. You could walk right into the unlocked motel suites.

Ludlow was where I dropped my sunglasses into a stopped up toilet. It was very different from Varney's 30 year old account I was going from.

Mar 16, 2008

After dinner chew

Today I tried to see if cornstarch silverware can be eaten. I think the answer is yes, but it would need to taste better for me to make the commitment.

Later I visited my Friendster account for the first time in nearly 2 years with the intention of deleting it. Hard to believe this sort of thing has been around 5 years. Here are some relics from my social networking days of yore:

Good bye Friendster

Mar 5, 2008

By the way...something better

I tried something new in therapy (EMDR) that was really interesting. Starting from a bad thought you follow lights back and forth (yeah sounds nuts) and then you stop, take a breath, say what you were thinking and then go back to following lights. Then like every five thoughts you go back to the original bad thought and start over. The thing the kept coming up for me was this:

I need to roll around in the dirt. mk bye.