Dec 25, 2007

Texas - I made it!

My itinerary to get to Harlingen, TX for Christmas was as follows:

Oakland to George Bush International - the red eye - 12:35AM to 6AM

George Bush Intl to Harlingen - 9ish AM to 10ish AM.

Instead, my red eye out was oversold. No body gave up there seat for me and why would they? The Continental staff couldn't find me anything. Did I want to fly into San Antonio and rent a car to drive to Harlingen in the middle the the following night? No. Did I want to fly on the 23rd and return on the 25th? No.

After waiting with two tearful angry men until 2AM I finally got it sorted out. I would take a shuttle to San Jose airport, take the 9:55AM to Houston and the 6PM to McAllen where the family would get me.

I was compensated $275. And although I would have preferred a hotel to the San Jose airport floor, I did get breakfast and lunch vouchers.

This is me sleeping in the City Shuttle on the way to San Jose from Oakland. Half way to the airport we went BACK to Oakland to pickup two more travelers. I guess the van was more comfortable than the floor was about to be (I used my shoes as a pillow).

I ate fried rice, bacon and eggs with my breakfast voucher at 4:30AM in San Jose.


This couple was soo into the Bush History montage in Houston International.

My trip was awesome but way too short. Lesley and I went to the Brownsville zoo on the 24th and saw a baby gorilla, baby kangaroos and baby meercats. OMG.

More soon...I'm back at George Bush Intl right now starting to doubt that I'll be home tonight.

Dec 21, 2007

Seasons Tidy Cat

For those of you who can't read this shopping list I found, it says:

Tidy cats
Multiple cats (7)
Washing up liquid

On a related topic (but not too related), this is Birdy and I during our first Christmas together.

I'm off to Texas for a few days, and sadly there are no alligators there in the winter.

Dec 8, 2007

Hankie / fat

I had a moment last week where I absolutely needed to buy some space/rocket themed vintage handkerchiefs. I found some amazing ones on EBay but was out bid. What I did win is below. They arrived freshly ironed and dowsed with perfume. They make my eyes water and make me sneeze, but somehow thinking of someone packaging them with so much care makes me not want to wash them yet. I'm just sitting in a different room than they are.

Also, this is what has become of Birdy. I think there's a baby penguin under there.

Dec 5, 2007

Tis the season

Birdy singed her tail feathers on Shane's lit menorah last night, but today all of the crinkled burnt hairs have been licked away.

Dec 4, 2007

And our guests today are...

Allegra and I were just on TV for 22 minutes. I might share the footage but for now I feel like my face is still too red.

UPDATE: Allegra posted the tv show.