Jan 28, 2009

Barack Obama is scared of flammable chemicals

I dreamed/dreamt(?) that I was in a night class in some sort of pac 'n' save grocery warehouse place. It was night time and apparently there was a storm and everyone was supposed to go grab their things because it was going to be cold. People were dragging in jackets and sleeping bags. I went to grab my things too. This meant that I ran down the street to get my stuff.

My stuff, it turns out, was a glass carboy of homemade beer (funny because I just brewed my first batch about 10 days ago and last night we had to do an emergency transfer of the beer to a secondary fermenter so that the yeast would stop cannibalizing themselves and ruining the flavor). Anyway...I grabbed the 5 gallon jug ans ran down the street back to class. I put a wash cloth in my back pocket that was soaked in the special sanitizing solution used to clean the beer making equipment.

I was running down the street in the dark and Barack Obama was standing in the road and gave me a very serious look. He was about 7 feet tall and he reached down and grabbed the wash cloth from my pocket. He thought I was a terrorist because the wash cloth was apparently flammable. I told him how it was for beer brewing and made sure to touch him a lot on the shoulder so that he would like me. He took a lot of convincing but eventually he released me. He acted like such a cop, and in the dream I was super attracted to him.

This is what the beer looked like last night: