Feb 24, 2009

Cesar and Mission construction - mystery solved

Sigh. Big sigh. I've been watching the construction at the old Kelly Moore site at Cesar and Mission and was scared to find out what was going up. My guess that it was going to be a Walgreens was right. Gawd. We already have a Walgreens at 23rd and at 30th!
More info on the monstrosity.


Markasaurus said...

You can never have enough Walgreens, Andy. Where else can you buy flip flops, get your medications, stock up on Cream Eggs and buy a cat bed? It will look better than that somewhat scary parking lot and chain link fence that has been on that corner for the last few years.

Andy said...

yeah, and it's open 24 hours, so I can buy flip slops at 4am if I want. I guess it's not so bad. Thanks Mark.

Ciciolina said...

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